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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Merchants of Death come to ACW

January 7th 2012
Carbon Hill, AL
Alabama Championship Wrestling

The Merchants of Death, 'The Prime Minister of Pain' Slaughter & 'The Oracle of Ominous' The Wicked Nemesis introduce themselves to ACW

The Master Plan Comes Together

Alabama Wrestling Alliance
January 13th 2012
Munford, AL

The master plan comes together, and the Master Mind behind the movement is revealed.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Red Ice Radio: Tom Horn Apollyon Rising 2012


Tom Horn is an author, researcher and co-host of the radio show Raiders Live! News Talk Radio. Raiders News Update reports have been referred to by writers of the L.A. Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, World Net Daily, White House Correspondents and dozens of newsmagazines and press agencies around the globe. Tom will discuss his book Apollyon Rising. He'll share the secrets of the true Lost Symbol (what Dan Brown was looking for and did not find), the forbidden knowledge of the Vatican and Washington DC, and the two-hundred year old cipher hidden in plain site at the Capitol Dome and on the Great Seal of the United States. He'll explain how 2012 connects to an ancient cosmic conspiracy. 2012 is an important year not only to the founders of America but for various cultures on the planet. Then, we talk about the final pope, the messiah's arrival and the anti-Christ. We discuss Malachi Martin's testimony of Freemasonic and Satanic ties to the Catholic Church and how Vatican insiders are in the know about the anti-Christ and 2012.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ProSouth Wrestling FaceBook

 From the very moment this match was announced there was controversy. It is no secret that Ace Haven, whose father Terry owns Pro South, is booker of the show and he admitted such in his exclusive interview this past Wednesday on Shoot Finish on this very network: Ace Haven Interview .But the time for controversy was over. It was time for Pro South to shine, and the entire locker room came to dance tonight.

1st Match: Pro South Tag Team Championship

'The Epic Alliance' Big Tomb & Daniel Alexander vs 'Total Justice'  Shawn Seagle & Kaiden Knight (C)
   Total Justice consists of Tyler Gage, Ace Haven, Shawn Seagle, & Kaiden Knight, but tonight Ace had Pearce and Gage had a triple threat match so Seagle and Kaiden were on their own. Big Tomb and 'The Prodigy' Daniel Alexander, representing The Epic Alliance,  were first to the ring. As the Champions Total Justice stepped into the ring, Tomb & Alexander took the opening and jumped the champs. Daniel & Tomb went to work pummeling them. As Tomb & Alexander tried to whip Seagle & Kaiden into each other, the champs reversed sending Tomb & Alexander into one another. This sent Daniel flying through the ropes and crashing to the floor. Tomb didn't budge. Running clothesline from Seagle did nothing to Tomb. Even when followed by a clothesline by Kaiden did nothing to budge Big. Standing calf kick from Shawn immediately following this did nothing as well. HUGE running clothesline from Knight that followed, dropped Tomb to the mat like a falling Sycamore tree. Tomb rolled out of the ring to the floor to regain his composure. Seagle leapt to the top rope and crashed into Alexander on the outside. Then, to everyone's surprise, Knight leapt to the top. Well, not leapt, hopped, to the middle rope, then climbed to the top turnbuckle. As Tomb cornered a just recovering Seagle, Kaiden crashed into Tomb. Total Justice climbed back into the ring and posed for the fans, as if already triumphant. This gave Tomb & Alexander an opportunity to discuss strategy on the outside.
The match then begins with Seagle and Tomb. Two VERY contrasting styles. Power vs Speed. These are the match-ups everyone looks forward to in sports competitions. Seagle and Tomb circled each other. Shawn refused to turn his back on Alexander, instead spinning completely around when he got close to the opposing corner. Tie up in middle of ring and Tomb does what he should: he uses power to hurl Shawn into his corner and proceeds to pound him to the canvas. As ref pushes Tomb out of corner, Daniel wastes no time in choking Shawn behind ref's back. Kaiden runs into the ring and Daniel jumps off apron. Ref backs Knight back to his corner and Daniel 'self tags' himself in. Fans scream to the ref there was no tag, but Daniel is very convincing in there was a tag. Daniel applies a stalling suplex to Seagle in the middle of the ring. Goes for a quick cover, but only a 2 count. Tag into Tomb. Tomb & Alexander isolate Seagle in the corner, pummeling him and not giving him even an inch to tag Kaiden. Big scoop slam by Tomb almost sends Seagle THROUGH the mat. Seagle climbs to his feet as Tomb lurches over him, only to be met with Tomb's clubbering forearm to the back. Tomb then drops a big hip press across Shawn's face. Only a 2 count.
Another tag brings Daniel in. Alexander immediately goes over to Kaiden and mouths off, drawing Knight into the ring. All the while, Tomb pounds Shawn into the opposing corner, behind the ref's back. Alexander stands on the throat of Shawn as ref tries to get Kaiden, who is still in the ring, out. Alexander takes Seagle to the ground with side head lock takeover, and kicks him square in the back. Then, another kick. Seagle tries for a desperate tag, but Daniel hooks a full nelson on Shawn and drags him into center of the ring. Daniel changes to a front face choke and reaches out with his foot for Tomb to tag him. Tomb, for some reason doesn't tag.
*Now, here's my first note of the evening: DO NOT hesitate to tag any part of your tag partner; it doesn't have to be the hand. Alexander's foot was out stretched so Tomb could tag and Daniel not release the front face lock, but Tomb ignores it.*
Daniel finally has to loosen grip with one arm, reach over his shoulder, for Big to tag him. Luck for them, Shawn was so worn down from punishment, he could get away. Another big scoop slam on Shawn in the middle of the ring. Tomb snatches an arm, rolls Shawn on his stomach and applies a camel clutch to Seagle. Just as it seems Seagle is going to reach the ropes, Big, drops all his weight on Shawn's back and re-applies the camel clutch. Crowd gets LOUD. They want Shawn out of this hold that appears to be breaking him in half. Seagle almost gets free again, but Tomb wrenches on the camel clutch even further. Seagle finally gets free as Tomb lets go to apply more pressure. As Tomb jumps to squash Seagle again, Shawn flips over and gets his knees up, which Tomb crashes groin first into. Crows goes CRAZY. Right as Seagle gets to Kaiden to tag, Alexander runs in and clocks Kaiden, knocking him off the apron and runs back out of the ring. Tomb tags Daniel in. Kaiden slowly climbs back to apron and Alexander snatches Shawn out of the corner. Daniel charges at Seagle as he staggers to his feet. Shawn regains himself enough to side step Daniel and Alexander flies out of the ring. Seagle collapses. Alexander climbs to the apron. Seagle meets him with a shoulder to the gut. Seagle tries to suplex Daniel back into the ring. Daniel drags Seagle over top rope after Seagle's attempt to suplex Daniel fails. Seagle goes for a clothesline on the apron, which Alexander ducks and hits a STO. Both men down on the outside. Daniel, finally to his feet, tosses Seagle in the ring and goes for a pin. Only a 2 count. Daniel grabs Seagle by the foot to drag him into his corner, but Seagle manages to stand to one leg, and hits an enziguri. Both men down. Seagle gets tag to Kaiden. Crowd EXPLODES. Clothesline to Alexander from Knight almost takes his head off. Back elbow sends Daniel to the canvas. Irish whip by Kaiden is reversed by Daniel who throws a clothesline, which Kaiden ducks and bounces off ropes and spears Daniel. Alexander's head bounces off bottom rope. Kaiden drags Daniel into position and tags Seagle back in. Shawn goes up top and delivers a Shawnton to Alexander. Pinfall is broken up by Big Tomb. Irish whip by Seagle reversed by Alexander. Shawn ducks clothesline by Daniel and jumps to middle rope and sends a spinning front kick to Daniel's face. Cover by Seagle only leads to a 2 count. Tomb drops off apron, runs behind Kaiden and pulls him off apron; face first. Tomb throws Knight into the guard rail. Ref turns his back to restore order on the outside. Seagle goes up top for a high risk move to finish Daniel off. Epic Grant Mitchell runs into the ring and attacks Seagle. Epic drags Shawn to the middle of the ring by his hair and hits a Full Nelson Twisting Face Plant on him. I'm sure Epic has a name for this. Epic drags Daniel on Shawn and slides out of the ring and hides. Ref sees cover and counts 1-2-3.
Winner and new Pro South Tag Team Champions: Big Tomb & 'The Prodigy' Daniel Alexander.

Alxander, Tomb, & Epic

2nd Match: Pro South All Out Championship
'So Fine' Frankie Valentine vs 'Mean' Mike Posey (C)
This was Frankie's last title shot at Posey for the All Out ChampionshipAfter weeks of doing whatever it took to hold the championship, Posey knew this was it. If he could handle Valentine one more time, this road block of him cementing himself as THE definitive All Out Champion would be out of his way. Adding to everything in Frankie's way, is the dastardly ref Toby Romine. Romine has been accused of shenanigans by the fans for months. Frankie looked ready, but let's be honest, when was the last time either two of these men didn't deliver in a match... Posey started match jawing with fans who were screaming "MIGHTY MOUSE". Posey immediately went to the arm of Valentine. Twisting and wrenching, trying to gain leverage over Frankie. Valentine, nowhere near a green horn in this business, wasn't going for this and answered with wrenches of his own and battled for leverage of his own. Hammerlock, followed by a takeover put Posey to the mat. Posey reaches for ropes, realizes he's too far away and battles to his feet. Arm wrench into a waist lock by Posey. Frankie counters with a waist lock of his own. Posey, smartly, ducks between ropes which constitutes Toby to make Frankie break the waist lock. This is a wrestling clinic. Two vets. Going tic-for-tat.  Both men go back to arm wrenches and counters, leading to Posey on the mat. Hammer lock into side head lock for Frankie. Posey reaches for rope. Valentine digs head lock in. Switches to arm and yanks on the arm of Posey, nearly separating his shoulder in the process. Posey reaches with all his might for ropes and Frankie lets go and Mike's momentum sends him through the ropes and to the outside.Much to the delight of the crowd.
Posey climbs to apron, but Valentine charges at him and Mike drops back down to the floor. Posey back up to apron and Frankie grabs him by the head and hurls Posey into the ring, over the top rope. Valentine puts Posey on top rope. Ref tries to administer a fast 5 count to Frankie, who releases Posey and he falls flat on his face.  Frankie right back to the arm of Posey. Posey attempts to counter with hip toss, but Frankie counters that showing his strength by hip tossing Posey across the ring. Back body drop sends Posey into the air. As he sits up, Posey notices a charging Frankie going for his patented rolling front kick, and rolls out of the ring. Valentine backs up and allows Mike to slide back into the ring. Posey doesn't take his eyes off Frankie. Valentine approaches Posey to grab him off the mat, and is met with a toe kick. Posey applies side head lock. Valentine whips Posey into ropes to break free. Posey shoulder tackles Valentine and flexes his biceps in Frankie's face. Posey off the ropes and Valentine leap frogs him. As Frankie lands, his knee buckles on him. As he limps a step away, Posey IMMEDIATELY chop blocks Frankie. Posey then sees a target and attacks. Stretching, the injured leg. Dropping his entire weight on it. Stomping on the knee. And even putting the injured knee on bottom rope and catapulting himself up with all his weight on the draped knee. Posey then drags Frankie to the turnpost and applies a standing Lion Tamer from the outside of the ring. Frankie screams but doesn't give up. Mike with a vaulting leg drop to the inside, across Frankie's throat. Quick cover, quick count, but only a 2 count. Posey drags Valentine to the middle of the ring applies a Russian leg stretch to the injured knee. Valentine almost gets to the ropes, but Posey slams his knee into the canvas. Posey then applies a low single leg crab on Frankie. Cover by Posey only gets a 1 count. Posey tries to pick Frankie off mat, but is met with a fist to the gut. Posey stomps Valentine down and goes back to work on knee. Leg death lock applied by Posey.
Valentine fights up realizing severity of the situation at hand. Posey drops Frankie on his knee and follows it up with a dragon screw leg whip. Posey stretches Frankie in the middle of the ring. Contorting his leg completely sideways. Frankie manages to find the power and uses good leg to kick Posey off to cause separation between the two. Big right hand drops Posey. Then another. Then another. Valentine hits a discus clothesline. Pinfall by Frankie, but Romine takes forever to get down for count and only gets a 1 before Posey kicks out. Step up enziguri by Frankie, drops Posey to the mat. Pinfall attempt again and a slow count by ref leads to a 1. Frankie turns attention to ref to confront him about slow counts, when Posey hits a low-lying running neck cutter. Only a 2 count. Posey throws right hand, which Frankie ducks and goes for a back slide pin. Another slow 1 count. Posey charges Frankie but eats the mat thanks to a flap jack by Frankie. Both men down. Posey rolls to the outside. Frankie to his feet and hits a plancha over the top rope onto Posey. Valentine first to his feet and staggers into ring. Posey gets to the apron as Toby gets to 8 in his count. 'Screw you people' Posey says as he drops back to floor and is counted out. Which, of course, means Frankie wins the match, but Poey retains his Pro South All Out Championship.

3rd Match: Triple Threat for Pro South Heavyweight Championship
'Epic' Grant Mitchell vs Brian Alexander 'The Great' vs 'The Future Classic' Tyler Gage (C)
Toby Romine comes out as ref of this match. The fans are NOT happy to see him after the shenanigans of the last match.  After all three participants are in the ring, Tyler Gage grabs Toby and hits a spine buster on him. Toby rolls out of the ring. Brian Alexander whistles then yells 'Hey we need another referee out of the back!' Another ref emerges from the back. ONLY THEN does Gage hand over the title.
*Now here's my second note of the night. Well, actually this is really two in one: Toby, who has reffed COUNTLESS matches I've been a part of, really no-sells the spine buster from the heavyweight champ, by not staying down long at all AND walking own his own to the back. He should've had to have been carried to the back OR stayed unconscious on the outside for most of the match. Not a wise move on his behalf. Second, I LOVE the fact Gage didn't hand over title until a ref he trusted would call the match fair, came to the ring. That shows your champ is intelligent enough to not be fooled by anyone. Makes him smarter than most. Kudos Tyler*
With Brian & Epic both part of The Epic Alliance, Gage had his work cut out for himself. Start of match Gage tried to no let either men behind him. Brian and Gage lock up while Grant hangs in the corner. Collar and elbow ends in a stand still with Brian attempting toe kick and Gage swatting it away. Back to both men trying to circle Gage. This time tie up by Grant and Gage. Same ending. Stand still followed by a toe kick which is swatted away by Gage. Epic back peddles in a defensive position saying 'Whoa whoa whoa'. Tie up by Brian and Tyler. Alexander goes for clothesline, which Gage ducks. Back to circling and sizing each other up for the three participants. As the three are circling, Brian stops and produces are a fireball in his hand. Gage, distracted by this, his clubbed in the back of the head from behind by Grant.
What many fell to realize is Brian Alexander is the master of the fireball in wrestling. He has the used fireball, with deadly accuracy, for over a decade. He even uses an on fire baseball bat at times, even on Tyler Gage before. Alexander starts pounding on Gage. Kicks and punches abound. All the while Epic poses for the fans. Brian stretches Gage and exposes his ribs, which Grant sizes up and kicks. Brain goes for the cover, but at 2, Epic pulls him off Gage. Brain with his classic press suplex lands Gage in the middle of the ring.  Cover only gets a 1 due to Grant pushing Alexander off Gage. Grant asks Alexander "I thought you said we were going to take him out?" Brian responds, "What do you think I'm doing?" Letting everyone know what had they had suspected: The Epic Alliance were planning on taking Tyler out of the match, causing it to come down to Brian vs Grant for the Pro South Heavyweight Championship. Epic chops Gage into corner. Takeover into a back stretch leaves Tyler unable to defend himself, as Brian slides into his face with both feet. Epic goes for cover, but Brian snatches him off Gage. Epic claims "I was just kidding." Epic throws a spaghetti arm right hand, but a strong right hand from Alexander sends Gage to the mat. Brian & Epic take turns pounding on the champ. Kicks, slams, stretches, stomps, etc.
Epic then allows Brian a chance to beat on Gage alone and takes a seat on the top rope to admire the beat down and rest. Alexander whips Gage into corner where Epic is perched and Epic delivers a big boot to the jaw of the champ. Alexander calls for Epic and they double Irish whip Gage into the adjacent corner, sternum first. Alexander & Epic beat on Gage for about three minutes. At one point, Brian sets Gage on top rope and Epic gives a running Yakuza kick to Tyler, who crumbles off the top rope and to the outside. Epic goes after Gage and stands him up. Alexander steps to the outside of the apron and hits a baseball slide to a wobbly Gage. Epic hurls Gage into guardrail, which breaks at the top from the force of the impact. Gage is thrown back in the ring. After a desperate attempt at a comeback, the rest of the Epic Alliance hits the ring and beats Gage down. They then drag Gage to the back. It's now as The Epic Alliance wanted it: Brian Alexander vs Grant Mitchell. Brain demands to Epic, "Lay down boy!"  Epic hesitantly agrees to allow Brian to make the cover but adding, "I'm only doing this because I'm a man of my word." When Epic takes longer than he cares for him to, Brian kicks Epic in the chest. Epic then jumps up, but finally lays on his back. As Brian goes to cover him, Epic grabs Brian in an inside cradle. Only a 2 count. Then hip toss to by Grant as Brian pops to his feet. Big right hands by Epic to Alexander. Grant whips Brian into the corner and splashes him with a right elbow to the jaw as well; then followed by a running big boot to the face of Brian. Alexander is still on his feet though. Another running big boot topples Brian. 2 count on the cover by Grant. Big right hand followed by jaw breaker by Brian drops Epic. Tossing scoop slam by Alexander almost throws Epic out of the ring.
Irish whip by Brian is reversed into a short arm clothesline by Grant. Pinfall and only a 2 count. Brian gets to his knees and yells at Grant, as fire burns in his eyes from some place DEEP within Hell that only few damned souls are unfortunate enough to ever visit, "KICK ME BOY!" First kick to the face, barely phases Brian. "I SAID KICK ME BOY!" demands Brian so deep that only the most astute cellist such as the genius Yo Yo Ma could appreciate. Epic kicks Brian RIGHT IN THE FACE. Brian does not fall. Epic goes for one more, but Brian catches his foot and hits a standing choke slam on Grant. Brain gets on top of Epic and starts punching him in the face as Epic covers himself and tries to fend off the barrage. Epic crawls for the corner and as Brian goes to pick him up, Grant goes for a school boy, but Brian holds onto the top rope and wiggles out. Grant then starts saying he and Brian are supposed to be like this, displaying two crossed fingers to Brian. Brian asks for a handshake which Epic agrees to but has his other hand behind his back with his fingers crossed. Brian takes Grant down and goes for a vaulting moonsault from the middle rope which he hits. Fans scream for "ONE MORE" which Brian obliges and eats Grant's knees. Epic charges with a running boot and connects, but Brian gets a huge right hand off at the same time and both men crash to the canvas.
Brian is first to his feet, but a noise from the curtain distracts everyone. Two members of The Epic Alliance are thrown from behind curtain to ringside, one by one. Fans start screaming for Tyler, but Shawn Seagle appears with a chair. Some fans actually seem let down it wasn't Gage, and I agree.
*Another note from me: Here would've been a GREAT opportunity to have Gage be the one tossing the guys back from behind the curtain. It establishes fact that no matter the numbers, you can't keep Tyler down. And to see Shawn, who is a lot smaller than Tyler, TOSS these two out, just didn't seem the same. As some agreed by their reactions.*
This distracts Brian and Grant. Kaiden Knight appears from behind curtain beating all The Epic Alliance members down with a chair. Grant turns his attention to Kaiden and Shawn. Gage slides in and hits the spine buster on Epic and makes the pinfall 1-2-3 to retain the Pro South Heavyweight Championship.
Post match The Epic Alliance beats down on Total Justice for about 7 minutes.
Main Event: NWA World Heavyweight Championship

'The Last Hero' Ace Haven vs 'Scrap Iron' Adam Pearce (C)
This is what the whole night had been building up to. The NWA World Champion Adam Pearce, a throwback to traveling champions, defending "Sweet Charlotte" in Piedmont, Alabama. The face of NWA Pro South Ace Haven gets a shot that many will never get to have: a match for the NWA World Title. Many felt Haven didn't 'deserve' this shot, but here it was.  To many of us, this was what it was all about. THE NWA WORLD TITLE. One of, if not THE, most respected titles out there. We dream of being in a match for this very title. Managing for/or against the World Champion, or Defending/Wrestling for THIS title. All the controversy came to this one match.
As the bell rang, Pearce stood motionless in his corner, waiting to see how Ace was wrestle this match. Ace just stood there. As if he expected the NWA World Champion to meet him in the middle of the ring or something. Pearce finally moved, circling the ring. "Let's Go Ace!" was screamed throughout the building. Adam steps through the ropes to the outside. Ref starts 10 count. Pearce goes through the curtains, but for some reason, Ace doesn't pursue him.
*Note from me: Ok, how often does the NWA World Champion the title in your promotion? How often does anyone get a chance to wrestle in a NWA World title match? Answer to all three: NOT OFTEN. So it was very staggering to me that Ace didn't go after Adam. As I told Ace after the match "Go get your f@#^ing title! The NWA Champ just isn't going to give it to you!" Haven should've went after Pearce.*
Mark Grason appears from the back and states that if Adam hears a 'LETS GO ACE HAVEN' chant again, he's gone. Ace pleads to the crowd NOT to chant 'LETS GO ACE' anymore. Still, Ace doesn't go after the champ. It's very hard as a wrestling manager at a show, to not scream out what is considered the obvious to me. I wanted to scream "GO GET HIM! QUIT WAITING!" but I don't manage Ace, Amy Haven does. So Ace stands in the ring pleading to the fans not to chant, instead of going after the champ...
Ref then threatens to DQ Pearce if he doesn't get in the ring. Which still means Ace doesn't win the title, just the match. Pearce gets in the ring and the 'LETS GO ACE' chants start back up. Pearce then starts jawing with the fans.
One female fan took exception to this jawing and began screaming at Pearce. Adam, of course, acknowledges her and responds to her insults, which throws this girl into a fury, which of course, TAKES heat away from the match. She might as well have been untrained 'valet/manager', which she reminded me of half the people who claim to be managers in our business act at ringside. And yes I'm talking to YOU (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) but i digress.
Pearce starts wrestling with side take downs, go behinds, front face locks, mounting Ace, and working the mat as if this was an amateur wrestling match. Even stopping to pint brush Ace in the back of the head. Pearce hops up on top rope and lays down. As Ace approaches Pearce, Adam shoves Ace so hard, he flies into the adjacent corner. Lock up in the middle of the ring and Adam goes to a waist lock on Haven. Ace looks for any room to separate himself and Pearce or at least to reverse the hold. Adam has it on too tight though. Finally Ace gets a low enough base to get free. Pearce calls ref over and complains Ace grabbed his hair, of which, there is NONE. When the ref doesn't buy this, Adam claims Haven pulled his tights. Tie up in middle of ring leads to a side head lock by Adam, which he wrenches in on Ace. Pearce then loosens and chains into an arm wrench into a hammerlock. Ace reaches over shoulder for anything to grab to get the needed leverage to break free. With a quick reversal of movement and shifting of weight, Ace counters with a hammerlock of his own. Pearce quickly counters with a leg trip and takes Ace down to the mat. Adam applies a front face lock. Adam appears to be happy using amateur wrestling all night in this match. Haven manages to get free and applies a hammerlock on the ground to Pearce. Adam rolls to his feet and forces Haven back into the corner. Pearce throws a right hand all the way from Hollywood CA, and misses, which with the momentum, spins him around into armdrag by Haven who holds on and immediately applies pressure to Adam's arm. Ace works the Champ's arm. Both men to their feet and Ace wrenches the arm. Then snaps Pearce's arm as if he wanted to break it off and beat Adam with it. Pearce breaks free and hot shots Haven on the top rope followed by a Scrap Cutter. Pearce then tosses Ace through the ropes to the outside. Adam then takes Ace around the ring, chopping him and punching him right in the fan's faces. When Pearce felt Ace had enough, he threw him in the ring and stood with one foot on Ace and made a pinfall attempt. Only a 2 count. Neck breaker by Pearce drops Haven. Pearce proceeds to slam and beat on Ace, but every pinfall attempt by Adam, Ace kicks out and receives more punishment for this action. Adam then drags Ace back out of the ring and beats Ace senseless all over the outside, again.
As Pearce is jawing with the fans, Ace sees an opening and starts TAGGING Pearce. Guess Ace was tired of getting the crap beat out of him. Ace uses the guardrail as his friend and weapon, just as Adam had done to him. Ace puts Pearce back into the ring, but takes too long to attack Pearce, and is met with a huge right forearm that knocks Haven three feet through the air. Pearce applies a side front face lock and tries to wear Haven down. Ace battles back with an elbow to the gut and rights and lefts. Two running forearms don't drop Pearce, but a spinning kick to the face does. Haven finally gets his first pinfall attempt on The NWA World Champion. Pearce staggers into the corner, Haven climbs up and does Big 10 Punches. Ace goes to ehip Pearce into the corner, but Adam throws a clubbing forearm into Ace and knocks him into the corner they were near. Adam then chops Ace, whips him into the corner and goes for a splash, but Ace moves and Pearce eats the turnbuckle. Haven runs at Pearce in the corner, but meets the back of Adam's elbow. Pearce climbs to the top. Haven runs and knocks his legs out from under him and he crashes groin first on the top rope. Ace hits a FrankenHaven off the top, but slams his own head into the mat during the process. Both men down. Haven comes for cover, but only a 2 count. Pearce gets to his feet and starts swinging, but Haven ducks every punch and answers with one of his own. Haven charges Adam who throws a clothesline that Ace ducks. Haven jumps and hits a tilt-a-whirl reverse DDT and goes for the cover and Adam IMMEDIATELY kicks out. Not even a 1 count. Haven goes up top. Thinks twice about it, as he sees Gene Jackson emerge from the curtains. As he jumps off the top, he is met by a thunderous clothesline by Scrap Iron. Then Adam drops a knee across Ace's face. Then three more. Pearce goes for pin. Only a 2 count.
Pearce picks Ace up, who goes for a quick head lock takeover but Adam whips Ace instead, who almost runs into the ref. Ace stops short and throws arms out as not to hit ref. Pearce hits Ace from behind and both smash into the ref who slams into the corner. Pearce goes for a suplex on Ace who quickly rolls Adam up with an inside cradle. Fans count to 10, but ref is out. Haven and Pearce to their feet, as is the ref. European uppercut by Ace staggers Pearce into the ropes. Right hands to Pearce's face and back by Ace. Irish whip into the ropes  by Ace and Pearce hits his Clothesline from Hollywood for the cover and the 1-2-3. Ace comes up just short. Gene Jackson then screams that he told Ace he would get him!
*Post Show Notes* This was the best show of the year for Pro South, in my opinion. Psychology wise and work wise. Just too bad the fans didn't REALLY appreciate or KNOW the significance of Adam defending 'Sweet Charlotte' in their building. Ace's only problem is he is inconsistent but he's learning and will only get better. Although Jackson coming out kind of baffles me. Wouldn't you want the NWA World Heavyweight Champion in your promotion? Why not HELP Ace and then beat him for the title? Also Ace should've went for a pinfall earlier in the match. Only way to win a title is to pin the champ.
Nice to see a change in tag team titles also. Daniel and Tomb, I see big things in their future. And with the strides Alexander has mad in the ring over the last few months, 2012 looks bright for The Epic Alliance.
Great to see Gage kicking ass. The kid as size, and you can't teach size. Like I said earlier, I would've had him be the 1 to take out the Epic Alliance though. Not Seagle or Kaiden. Really good show.  2012 is going to be a very good year for NWA Pro South. Now, if only the fans there knew the greatness they were seeing. This show should've packed the house. 140 in attendance is too low for the quality of event this was. Guess the fans have gotten spoiled. This show gets a 4 out of 5 Mohawks. The highest rating yet.

Red Ice Radio: Peter Dale Scott "Norway's Massacre, Breivik & Deep Events"

Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat and English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, is a poet, writer, and researcher. He was born in Montreal in 1929. An anti-war speaker during the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, he was a co-founder of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at UC Berkeley, and of the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA). He is the author of several books including, The War Conspiracy (1972), The Iran-Contra Connection (1987),Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America (1991, 1998), Drugs Oil and War (2003), The Road to 9/11 (2007), and The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War (2008). In the first hour we revisit Breivik's attack on Norway. We discuss his possible motivations, his connections and his alignment with Nick Greger. Peter explains why he refers to these attacks as "deep events" and gives examples of other systemic deep events. We'll discuss false flag attacks as a strategy to bring in a new agenda. Peter points out similarities to Operation Gladio and Breivik's model of attack.

Red Ice Interview Link

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Red Ice Radio: Pre-Columbian Colonization of North America

November 17, 2011
Could there be a centuries-long international conspiracy to cover-up the knowledge of ancient visitors to North America? Author Rick Osmon discusses his book "The Graves of the Golden Bear: Ancient Fortresses and Monuments of the Ohio Valley." Rick was selected for the US Air Force Academy right out of high school. He later attended Vincennes University and earned an Associates of Science in Laser and Electro-Optics Technology. For a number of years, he worked for defense contractors and then took a job with the US Navy as a civilian with an engineering support field activity, specializing in radar, night vision, and laser equipment for surveillance and munitions guidance. But, Rick was also reading everything he could find about the weird and unusual, history, archeology, paleontology, geography, cartography, cryptozoology, cryptography, and hollow earth theory. Rick has mapped out the different waves of colonization attempts and visitations to North America. Looking at the claims of the Welsh prince Madoc who is said to have brought thousands of colonists to North America centuries before Columbus.